Friday, July 29, 2005

Mind overload!

My brain is full! Ever have those days? I was up until 2am last night (well, really this morning) researching microwaves for the new house. I really love the fact that our builder is so open to letting us choose anything we want for our house - no limitations. But, that being said, I am starting to feel overwhelmed by all the choices that have to be made. I have already looked at appliances and have already chosen some - THEN I got the prices. The builder doesn't get as big of a discount as we had hoped. :( So, last night I talked poor dh into looking at appliances. I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon and then again late evening searching for advice on the net. I found some wonderful forums with very knowledgeable folks, but they all have kitchens filled with the best commercial appliances money can buy. *I* on the other hand, live in a different world. A world of four kids who help in the kitchen and budgets. I usually cook 3 meals every day for a family of six. I need appliances that are good, sturdy, dependable, fast, and easy to clean. No matter what type of appliance you are looking at, there are literally hundreds to choose from. I am finding that Consumer Reports only does a mediocre job of covering what is out there.

Once again, I pray to God for WISDOM. I know that I need to give this a rest and let God lead us in each of our choices. Today, the kids and I are traveling to a friend's lake cottage. My whole mom's bible study group and their children are invited. I am looking forward to relaxing and chatting with friends that I haven't gotten to do so with in months (we don't meet in the summer).

Even though the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with today's whiney blog, I added it because a blog without a view seemed kind of boring. This is a picture of my daughter, Anna, holding the lion's head drinking fountain at our local zoo on for my son, Patrick. A snapshot of summer!!!

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