Friday, July 18, 2008

Ugh! It has been a busy week - not the fun kind of busy, either. I have had to do lots of running around every day. I manage apartments and there have been many things to deal with. This is not really how I would choose to spend my days. I would rather be at home with my kids and getting things done there.

Today, I have more errands, too. At least not all are apartment related. Next week is the county 4-H fair and my kids' projects are due this weekend. Of course, there are always last minute details to take care of to get them done. I am also planning on entering some photos in the open class division.

Between the heat, the running, and the pregnancy, I am feeling whooped. I keep starting blog posts only to get interrupted and then lose my train of thought. Hopefully I can get through this one. Ü

I leave you with another piece of worship art I created for framing (like the "Wisdom" one below). Hope you enjoy!


Thriftin and Craftin said...

Hey Miss Trish-

Thanks for the sweet comment. How fun that you made your own website. You'll be my first paying customer, when I get to be a world famous web designer, K? Here's the website I used to make it three columns.
Blogger Buster-Create a three column template

That photo is so pretty. I wish I were in that field of beautiful flowers right now!

anjanette said...

how did everyone place, anyway??

i am so proud of you...using your talent to the glory of God.

my little nieces are gorgeous, aren't they?