Monday, July 21, 2008

Storms of Life

Lately, God has been talking to me about storms - both literal and figurative. Our Indiana weather has been kinda weird lately. We have had an unusual amount of storms. Many of them fairly fast and followed by the most glorious rainbows I have ever seen. Usually we are lucky to see a couple of rainbows a year and even those are faint. These have been vivid double rainbows along with a light golden rainfall at sunset. Magical!

I've talked to several people who have commented on our strange weather. I wouldn't really give it much thought except that I have had several dreams relating to storms. Now, I am a person that rarely remembers her dreams. When I do, it is usually unusual random bits and fleeting images that drop from my conscious mind by the time I am fully awake. Recently, I have had these vivid dreams with actually story-lines that I remembered clearly after I woke up. I know it may sound strange, but I feel like God was speaking to me through these dreams about trusting Him through storms. I get the feeling that it is not just just through stormy weather, but also through the storms of life. In ways, this kind of worries me because I don't want to face storms in my life. Who does, right? But no matter what happens, I do trust that God is watching over us and will not give us more than we can handle.
Last week in the bible study I am part of, we were studying the Psalms. They are beautiful. Our leader passed out pieces of paper and asked each of us to take about 10 minutes and write our own personal psalm. At first, my mind was a blank, but as I thought about it, I knew I had to write about trusting God through the storms of life.
This is what I wrote:
"When life is joyful,
I will trust you, Lord.

When life is difficult,
I will trust you, Lord.

When storms approach,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the winds howl,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the ground shakes,
I will trust you, Lord.

When everything crumbles around me,
I will trust you, Lord.

When there is nothing but darkness and despair,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the storm clouds pass,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the sun breaks though,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the blue sky reappears,
I will trust you, Lord.

When the rainbow fill my vision,
I will trust you, Lord.

I will trust you, Lord,
in all things."
Being a scrapbooker, I felt like I needed to create and page for this. I know, its a weird obsession. If you are interested, credits for the page can be found here.


Thriftin and Craftin said...

WOW! That is beautiful Trish! Truly it is. It's so awesome that your heart and mind are truly open to what God wants you to hear.

I have kind of a cool story that happened to me recently. I was home by my myself, and watching CNN. One tragic story after another:job loss, poor economy, gas prices, the war, etc...It got me feeling overwhelmed about all of our futures. I hate the state of our country and our world. Anyway I decided to say a prayer to God. I laid on the couch, relaxed and poured my heart out, and I just listened. As clear as a bell, God came to me, and I "heard" his message. He said "I will carry you through." Gives me chills, and I have had tears pouring down my face every time I have shared this with my Christian friends. I get frustrated that I don't "hear" from God enough. Sometimes you just have to completely stop, and if it's the right time, you'll "hear" it.

I hope you have very few storms, but I know he'll carry you through. Your psalm is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

anjanette said...

i knew that was yours when they were being read during class. probably because i know how much you trust God.

i might need to post mine to my blog, too.