Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I spent a some bits of time here and there the past few days putting this scrapbook page together. Scrapping is such a great way to feel somewhat productive without expending much energy. Energy is something that has certainly been in short supply. My "to-do" list is enormous, but I just haven't had the oomph to get much of it done. I've had a bit of running this week that has taken me out into the heat, too. Today, however, is gorgeous and I wish I felt more like taking advantage of it. Anyway, more info and credits for this page can be found here.
Today is also my 20 year wedding anniversary with my hubby. Sadly, he had to go out of town on business and desert me, but he promises to make it up to me. Happy anniversary, sweetie! Can't wait to hang out with you for another 20.

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anjanette said...

this photo of abi is adorable. her eyes look beautiful.

happy late anniversary! enjoying that new TV and clean room?