Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dinner with Debbie

It's late and I am off to bed, but I wanted to post one of my photos from last night when I had dinner with Debbie Macomber, the famous author! My book club that I am a part of at church read one of her books last fall. My friend who was leading it noticed on Debbie's site that she was having a book club contest to win a dinner with Debbie. She signed us up and we WON! I have more photos to share later, but here are my book club buddies with Debbie (who is holding the book) along with her editor and publicist. (I am the second from the left.)
Debbie is a delightful lady and I think we all just fell in love with her. She is very real and her faith is evident. She is one awesome lady.

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Thriftin and Craftin said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME! It is so funny that you have a post about Debbie M. My mom and I and some friend's have started up our book club again. A few years ago my mom read The Shop on Blossom Street, and picked it for the club. I listened to it on audio book, and my mom wanted to reread it. She gave the book away, so we thought for sure we'd find it again on one of our thrift shop runs. Her books are always on the shelves, and lately we can't find a one of them anywhere. It's unbelievable. I about fell over when I saw your post, and so did my mom when I told her about it. Debbie is a part of my life lately for some reason. LOL! Glad to hear she's so nice. What a great photo! What an exciting contest to win.