Monday, October 01, 2007

New Poker Table

It was a busy weekend for us. First I should mention that my baby girl had her first birthday last Wednesday and we had her big party yesterday. Whooshh...where did that year go? I'll have more details on that later when I get her scrapbook pages done. I have lots of fun photos!

On Friday night, my hubby had group of guys from church over for a poker night. He is getting into poker. He plays Texas Holdem' with his buddies from work at least once a month. He is enjoying the strategic aspects of the game. He has even using it as a math tool to teach the girls about calculating odds and percentages. Anna is not thrilled but I think he's got Elizabeth hooked. She will even watch poker on TV with him.

Well after hosting several poker nights and knowing that he will probably be hosting more, my hubby has the bug to have a big poker table that 8 - 10 can sit at. We priced tables and ugh! There is no way that is going to happen. I suggested that we cover our kitchen table that can expand to 8 feet long, but he went on exploring different options like building a table or buying an old table and converting it. Then he tells me that HE has had this revelation that we could cover our kitchen table. I just had to laugh. And he says he listens to me ;-). So that is just what happened. He bought fabric and I sewed it up. I am no seamstress, so am pretty happy that it came out so well. You can see it in the scrapbook page above.
Journaling on the page reads:
There is a new obsession in our home with poker - Texas Holdem’ to be exact. Because of the poker nights that have taken place at our house, Barry had a strong desire to own a big poker table. After the sticker shock of pricing tables, we decided to cover our existing kitchen table. The economical solution was to use car headliner that is available at the local fabric store. Trish was commissioned to sew it up complete with darts at the corners, elastic around the edges and velcro to keep it in place on the long sides. It works great...... Let the betting begin!

Credits for the layout can be found here.

Saturday was a full day with preparations for Rachel's birthday party, a baby shower in the afternoon, and the 1st annual Wii Olympics we attended in the evening. A good friend of ours had a milestone birthday and got a Wii and invited a group of us over for a little friendly competition pitting husbands against wives. All I can say is that I am feeling the sore muscles today from beating up my hubby in boxing. I have pictures from that, too, that I really need to scrap!

Then Sunday was church. My girls and I worked in the nursery and I did my first week of leading our church's Cherub Choir. This is the little preschoolers. Ever since I found out that there was no leader for this group I have had this little niggling that this was something I should step up and do. Every morning during my quiet time, thoughts about leading this group kept flooding my mind. I argued with God that I don't need any more projects and I am busy enough, but this feeling just would not go away. So I told the children's leader I would do it. There is really no point in arguing with God. The safest place to be is in the center of God's will. The great thing is that after I shared this with a close friend she said that she had the feeling that she should be helping me. How awesome is that? I was very thankful because there were 13 wiggly 2-4 year olds. Help was definitely a blessing. Even my daughter, Anna, helped which was so wonderful. She is really great with kids that age. It went great. We sang "Jesus Loves Me" and I taught them the ASL signs for "Jesus," "loves" and "me." I can't wait to do it again next week.

Then we partied with the birthday girl here at our house with lunch , gifts and cake. Rachel, though, ended up being too pooped to party and fell asleep in her highchair with one hand still in her cake. It was too sweet and of course, I got pictures!

I am off to jump into my week. Hope yours is a great one!

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