Friday, September 28, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Day

Yesterday was pumpkin patch day! My sister-in-law invited us to join her MOPS group at the pumpkin farm several weeks ago. I made the mistake to bringing it up to my children to see if it was something they would want to do. WHAT was I thinking? They hounded me that day and EVERY day since then about going. ("What time are we going? Are we going today?") I finally put it on our big family calendar so they could see what day we were going and we have counted down the days to it. I guess that is preschool math at its best, huh?

I took my middle three children. Even Anna at 10 years old was excited about it. I warned her that it was going to be geared toward preschoolers and she didn't care. We all had fun and I was able to get some fun photos because I wasn't hauling a baby with me. Elizabeth had no real desire to go and stayed home to babysit Rachel.

I really had the bug to scrapbook so I spent a little time in the afternoon yesterday with a couple of these photos. This top page features my oldest nephew. This photo was just begging me to scrap it. He is just the perfect picture of the pumpkin patch with his smile showing how proud he is of the pumpkin he picked himself and his bright orange sweatshirt. I used Doris Castle's My Heart's Delight kit and full credits can be found here.

This second layout is of my Anna showing off her pumpkin pick in front of the hay wagons that took us out to the pumpkin patch. She spent a lot of time picking and had difficultly making a decision. I created this using the Cottage Arts Naturals 4 Paper Pak and Scrap.Edges 6 Brushes and Overlays. These textures are just wonderful. I created that pumpkin using some simple clip are as a guide and cutting out paper pieces. Then I used the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop to give it some shades and highlights.

Since the fall is my favorite season, I am sure you will be seeing more pages like this in the near future.

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