Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Times

I just wanted to pop in and share this scrapbook page I did the other day. It was one of those pages where I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. So I used a little of this and a little of that an kept messing with it. Finally I just had to say, "Enough is enough!" and consider it done. Everything here is by Doris Castle and full credits can be found here.

This is a photo of my littlest taken at a family reunion last month. She does this funny little crawl on her feet instead of her knees. I should really get more pictures of this because I know it won't be long and she will be walking and this will be gone. Her first birthday is in 6 days. Where did that year go? Didn't I just bring her home last month? Time may be flying, but I really love this age. She is so much fun!

Tonight, my book club is meeting and we are going to get to actually chat with the author of the book we read. Isn't that exciting? I am off to get dinner going so I am not late.

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erica922 said...

oh this is soooo gorgeous Trish, she's amazing and love the colors of the page