Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's hope...

that this is not another manic Monday. No playing out on the ice for my children - no way - nuh uh!

Yesterday started off great. Everyone got up on time for church and we even got there early and had plenty of time to deal with Abi in her cast. We ended up pushing her in an umbrella stroller. Since she is too little to handle crutches, we decided to look into a wheelchair for her when we go out places like church. Well, our doc would prescribe it and when I called our wonderful insurance company, they said they would cover it as long as we rented it from and in-network provider. I'm thinking GREAT! Then he informs me that Abi has a $1000 deductable and after that was met they would pay 80% which basically means they won't be paying anything towards it. Then I called and found out that it costs $225 a month to rent a child-sized wheelchair. Ugh! So, we started looking at other options. Our first thought was a wagon, but our wagon doesn't have any sides for Abi to lean on. It is the traditional metal Radio Flyer. Then we borrowed one, but it seemed so big. Especially when we thought about trying to use it in tight, crowded spaces (like church). We even went shopping for one, but decided ultimately decided to try to use the umbrella stoller we have. Thankfully Abi's casted leg is just short enough to stay off the ground in it. The stroller worked great and it wasn't too big.

Ali Edwards has discussed in her blog and e-zine about choosing one special word for the year. One word to focus on and be your theme. For herself, she has chosen PEACE and has mounted the word on her studio wall. So, I got to thinking, if I were going to choose a word what would it be? My first thought was DISCIPLINE. I always need to work on being disciplined and doing the tasks I need to do instead of procrastinating. Right now, I feel somewhat disciplined, but when things get busy everything seems to fall apart. This past Christmas season really showed me that. But when I thought about using the word discipline to motivate me and even putting it on MY wall, it seems so negative to me. But no other words really felt right until yesterday at lunch. We ate at a Chinese buffet and when I opened my fortune cookie I read, "Simplicity and clarity should be your theme." CLARITY really struck me. I need CLARITY! Clarity of vision; clarity of purpose, clarity of priorities, clarity of what my next task is. I think if I had CLARITY, I would be more disciplined. defines clarity as clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
I plan to do an in-depth word study on clarity and see what I learn.

Have a great day!

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