Monday, January 08, 2007

Just another manic Monday

I got woken up this morning with a phone call from my electrician saying he was going to be at my door in less than 45 inutes to replace all of our smoke detectors that are acting kooky. That meant I had to make sure everyone was awake and dressed since he needed access to all the bedrooms. Then I realized that my whole house was a mess because we were slackers this weekend. I hate that! So I was scrambling this morning.

Overnight we got a dusting of about a 1/2" of snow and my children were BEGGING to go out and play in it. So after breakfast and devotions, I gave them permission to delay schoolwork and helped everyone bundle up to go outside. Less than 30 seconds after the door closed behind them, Elizabeth came back in with a screaming Abi. Seems she stepped outside and immediately slipped on the ice. I just figured she was being a whiney toddler, but she kept saying that her leg hurt. I then got concerned when I offered to let her sit on the couch and watch Dora and as soon as she tried to walk that way she dropped to her knees crying. I carried her to the couch and she hasn't moved since and cries if anyone gets near her ankle. So, I have an appointment to take her to the doctor this afternoon. I am praying that she hasn't done anything serious to it. I am planning to drag baby Rachel along because she has been kinda congested. I am hoping the doc will take a quick peek at her to relieve my worries with her too. Can't help but always worry about something with these kids!

I still have Christmas decorations to take down. I like to leave them up until Epiphany. Of course that was last Saturday and I should have worked on them over the weekend, but I really felt like I needed a break. I did the bare minimums of housework and mostly just did cooking and cleanup. Hubby borrowed Season 2 of 24 on DVD and we overloaded on it every evening. We even sent all the kids upstairs to bed early so we would have more 24-watching time. Anyone who has watched it knows how addicting that show is. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger and you just HAVE to watch the next one. Bummer hubby is out of town this evening so I won't be able to watch it. Maybe I can actually get something done around here instead!

Well, I am typing one handed with Rachel on my lap (excuse any typos) and she just "did her doody" so I must wrap this up.

Have a great day!

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momy4him said...

oh trish! i hope abi is ok!