Thursday, January 11, 2007

Better Moods

I just want to say thank you to everyone sending kind thoughts and prayers for my little Abi. I am happy to announce that she woke up yesterday in a much better mood. I heard commotion coming from my son's room. Abi has been sleeping in there on the bottom bunk. It was still early and dark and I was concerned that she was crying and upset again. But what I discovered was that Patrick was sitting in bed with her and the were giggling and playing "kitties and puppies." I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that laughter!

The funny thing is, though, as soon as Abi saw me, she got a pout and said, "My leg hurts - carry me." I was sweet but did not pick her up and left her to play with Patrick and instantly her mood was better. So I am trying to find that fine line between spoiling her rotten by coddling her and doing some special things for her.

I am lucky that although she is an active toddler, she doesn't need to be running around constantly. Even still, this month is gonna be hard. For myself, I feel like I need to get into a routine with her. I keep forgetting to take her to the potty and she has a very strong bladder and NEVER says anything. All of a sudden I will realize that she has not gone for hours. And she will still say she doesn't have to go, but once I get her there it is like the floodgates have been opened. I also want to try and remember to move her to different spots in the house where she can play. That way she is not always staring at the same 4 walls and I am not tempted to let her spend too much time in front of the TV. She is used to spending most of her days running around the house playing with her brother. Hopefully, I can train Patrick to stay put and play with her in one spot. Right now he plays with her for a while and then runs off and leaves her by herself which makes her sad.

That's all for now. Abi is watching Dora: Backpack for the second time and I would like to shut the TV off when it is over and I have some paperwork I need to get done first.

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Carla said...

I'm glad she's getting adjusted. That's what happened with J. All of the sudden, the cast just became part of life for awhile, and we got to live a pretty normal life again. When the cast came off, his leg was very weak, and he turned his foot in for awhile. Luckily he's 100 % healed, and has a very active, athletic life! Hope A recovers quickly, and that the cast comes off sooner then expected!