Monday, September 18, 2006

Unenergetic and uninspired...

How's that for a motivating blog title? I had really hoped that I would be posting a baby announcement by now, but, alas, no baby to announce yet. I have eaten spicy foods and walked up and down hills at a local craft festival, but obviously, this little lady just isn't ready to make her appearance. My mood is icky. I am trying to shape it up, but I woke up feeling totally exhausted and achy. As if on cue, my children have been bickering and whining all morning. [sigh] I am hoping things look better after my morning coffee kicks in.

I keep looking around my house at all the things that should be done. There is too much clutter and things are not as clean as I would like them to be. Unfortunately, my energy level isn't what it should be to kick into gear and do some serious "nesting." I am off to try to have some quiet bible study time. Hoping my outlook will improve after that.

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Carla said...

It's hard to be "perky" when you feel so miserable. By the time you're to your stage of pregnancy, it's perfectly fine to be cranky. She's worth the wait. Can't wait to see a photo of her!