Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A ticking time bomb...

That's what my dear hubby called me the other day. That's because I am just a week away from my due date and have regularly telling him that I am really READY to have this little blessing. I had an ultrasound today. My 4th. That's protocol for someone taking insulin. I will be having them every week until I deliver. All is well and according to her measurements, she is 7 pounds. Now, I am just waiting for my body to go into labor. [sigh] I think God is trying to teach me patience!

Anyway, isn't this a fun little photo of my son? He is so funny about talking to his baby sister. Several months ago I was telling him that she could hear him and he could talk to her. So, he will put his mouth right up to my belly and say something real fast like "I love you" and then act kinda shy. It is so cute, and I wanted to try and capture that in a photo. This is the best we could get and was taken by my 12 year old.

I did the scrapbook page using Doris Castle's BellaDonna quickpages and page set. I love the way the sepia photo looks with this.

Hopefully, I will have a fun announcement soon. Otherwise, I will be praying for patience!


Kori said...

Beautiful layout! What a sweet story for you to remember years from now and your daughter to read how her big brother loved her before she was even born!

Carla said...

Gorgeous layout, and a precious, precious photo. What a sweet moment captured. I can't wait to read your announcement! Hang in there mommy!