Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Better mood

Sorry for that downer of a post yesterday. I woke up feeling SO much better today - way less achy and tired. I'm sure it helps that the sun is shining today, too. The kids aren't behaving any better today, but kids will be kids. They have already earned extra chores and schoolwork today because they were all fighting and misbehaving. I may feel a bit better today, but I still have NO patience for that!

Today is my official due date and I have another doctor's appointment and ultrasound scheduled for this afternoon. Hopefully the baby will still be on the small side and all is well.

So do you like my little tomato dude? We came across this cool tomato this summer and all thought it looked like he had a nose, so I photographed it. Perhaps I should get creative and use it to make some cool artwork for my kitchen.

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