Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday USA!

We had a long and fairly lazy holiday weekend around here. Saturday we went to a graduation party and then took the whole family to see the movie, "Cars." It was very fun, but a bit long for the little ones who had missed their naps. All in all a good time, though. Sunday after church we came home and some friends stopped by for a nice visit. In the evening, we had planned to go over to my in-laws for a cook-out and to shoot off fireworks. A big storm rolled in so we had a "cook-IN" and watched the hail outside. Fortunately the storm passed and we were able to shoot off our fireworks and the kids got to do their sparklers. Good thing, because the entire area was without power and we wouldn't have known what to do with ourselves otherwise. :-)
Monday, some good friends came over in the evening with their kids for pizza and another home fireworks display. I love this photo I captured from it. It was a long exposure and I manages to capture this "ghost." Thought it was kinda cool!

The 4th was totally uneventful for us and we had a lazy day at home. Now I am trying to get my act in gear. I realized that I have only 10 or 11 weeks until our new little baby makes her appearance and joins our household. So, I made my list of things I have to do pre-baby, and things I want to get done pre-baby and marked things on my calendar. I gotta get busy! Just wishing for a bit more energy! Don't know how much of my fatigue is from the pregnancy and how much should be attributed to the gestational diabetes. I have an appointment today with another doctor to discuss the possibility of insulin. Don't really want that, but I also know that I have been shorting myself food and my blood sugar numbers keep slowly climbing. [sigh] I am looking forward to the day I can eat until I feel good and full!

On the scrappin' front...I feel creatively dry. Maybe because there is just too much else going on right now. The 4-H fair is this month and I am helping the girls put together their projects. We always seem to procrastinate until the last minute to get everything done. So, I guess I will be spending what little creative energy I have motivating and inspiring my children to get their stuff done!

That's all for now, I have rambled enough. Have a great day!

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Carla said...

That's a GREAT photo! Glad you had a nice holiday. We had a nice, uneventful one too! The best kind!