Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

That's how this past week has been - BUSY! We have been preparing for our county fair which is this week. All of my children are involved in 4-H and all of their projects were due last Saturday. Every year, I say that we are not going to procrastinate, but every year, we are working ride down to the very last moment. My (older) girls were up until the wee hours of the morning finishing up their posters. Then I was up until about 4am shrink-wrapping them. It would have bee later, but I ran our of shrink-wrap. So, we had to leave the house early enough to stop by a local educational store that will do this for a price. BUT, the stress was worth it. Both of my girls got Grand Champion in their photography divisions and get to take their projects to the state fair. Very exciting! They also BOTH got Reserve Champion in their divisions of Child Development. I am SO proud of them!

If that was not crazy enough, I decided to enter into the Open Class division with some photographs and cookies. I haven't had an opportunity to find out how my stuff did after judging though. I just hope I didn't embarrass myself!

Now, I am trying to catch up around the house and recuperate. With all the activity and the diabetes stuff that I am dealing with, I am exhausted. I am now taking insulin to help control the gestational diabetes. It has really helped, but I have to be pretty diligent with my diet. Sometimes that's hard to do when you are really busy. I keep finding that I am missing my snacks between meals that I am supposed to have because I don't remember to eat until it is too close to the next meal.

Anyway, that's been my life in a nuts hell...


Carla said...

What a cute photo, and I'm SO PROUD of all of you. You know I LOVE photography. I hope to enter a photo in the fair someday too!

I couldn't help but snicker at your typo on the bottom of the post. That's your life in a nuts hell, huh? Sometimes it feel that way, even though I know you didn't mean to say that! Hope you feel better, but keep taking good care of yourself!

momy4him said...

hello trish!!! you have been one busy family!! i hope you aren't doing too much. i love the photo of you and the kids!
congratulations to the kids (and you too!) on their entries in the fair- keep us posted- i entered again in photography this year too!