Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last week I was discussing schedules and how at this time of the year, when much of the rest of the world is going back to school, I can't help but feel the need to reevaluate our homeschool day. I always end up discovering that I have so many things that I want to do that they will not all fit into a realistic schedule. How can this be dealt with? It has to be about priorities.

Priorities can be tough. It is all about deciding what is the most important in my life. This can be hard because in the grand scheme of life I don't place doing laundry very high on my list of priorities. However, I do like a certain amount of peace and order in my life and I think we should all dress reasonably clean and tidy each day. So, the dreaded laundry must be done to achieve this.

I have been thinking quite a bit about what is important to me and what I feel that God wants me to focus on each day. Obviously, as a mother of six, my children are a big priority. Of course, I (along with my hubby) need to take care of their basic needs such as shelter food and clothing, but beyond that we are responsible for their character and because we homeschool, their complete education, as well. These are daunting tasks. Choosing what to teach and how to teach it is tough. Just pick up any homeschooling catalog and the multitude of educational choices is overwhelming. Each one of these choices are worthy and of value, but no one could ever use them all. So, how do you choose? The answer is priorities.

It is important to sit down and think about AND pray about what is important in your life. Do this and make a list. This will be your guide to making choices about how you spend your time, energy and resources. I have been doing this for myself. and will share later at least part of my list that I have come up with.

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Seasons of Life said...

Hi Trish. I had just recently completed a four part post on preparing for the upcoming school year. As a soon-to-be mother of seven, I can understand the importance of prioritizing...being organized and scheduling are part of that. Good post and I am sure it will help to encourage others.

Blessings ~

Jarnette Smith