Monday, January 26, 2009


I thought perhaps I had better pop on here and give an update since there has been so much going on lately and we are expecting even more.

First, my mother-in-law had her surgery and seems to be doing very well. She is still recovering in the hospital, but may came home even as soon as today. She still has a long road of recovery, but we are all very thankful for the fact that she has been blanketed in prayer and is doing as well as she is.

Second, I am still pregnant. This baby's due date was yesterday, but this one is following the path of his/her older siblings and taking its own sweet time. As with all of my other babies, I got to watch my due date come AND go right by. I see my doctor tomorrow and will discuss whether or not to induce labor. I am one who would prefer to see things happen naturally, but because I have gestational diabetes and am trying to do a VBAC, I know my doctor is probably going to push to make something happen soon.

Otherwise, life is just progressing on. We go through our daily routines cooking, cleaning, schooling, etc. I have the nesting urge, but am feeling a bit frustrated that every area of the house that I have cleaned has already been messed back up by my little ones. Between that fact and the fact that my hormones are surging and my blood sugars have been roller coastering, I have been fighting quite a bit of grumpiness the past several days. I am thankful that I can see it for what it is and I have trying very hard not to let it loose on my family.

If I go into labor I probably won't have time to update my blog here, but hubby said that he would try to keep Facebook updated for those of you on there.

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