Friday, January 09, 2009

Random Thoughts from a Weeble Wobble

Yes, I am at that rolly polly waddling stage of this pregnancy that I just feel like a weeble wobble. Of course, it has been pointed out to me that I am a stinky weeble wobble because I DO actually fall down. Here is a photo from a few weeks ago on my daughter's birthday after my little spill on the ice with my sling on. Thankfully, my arm is much better. It is still not 100%, but for the most part I can use it fairly normally.

The rest of my body, however, has its share of aches and pains. I suppose that is just the way it will be for the rest of this pregnancy. My back, legs and buttocks are hurting all the time. I have to be a squirmy girl and constantly change my sitting and standing positions wherever I am. I constantly feel as though I have to use the bathroom. I suppose the baby is sitting on my bladder. I will race desperately to the bathroom only to be disappointed with the 2 drops available for deposit.

I keep hoping for that "nesting" thing to kick in because there is much to get done before the baby arrives, but I have been sadly short on energy. I don't think I have felt 100% healthy since we got sick during our power outage several weeks ago. I fight the urge to take a nap everyday and wish that I could make 7:00pm my bedtime. Perhaps, there is still time to get that whirlwind of energy so that I can catch up on my laundry and get out and clean up the baby things. But the baby is due in just over 2 weeks and I am feeling like the clock is ticking. I know that I won't have a bunch of energy to put towards household chores after junior arrives, so it sure would be nice to feel at least caught up.

Sorry, I know I am being a complainer. I shouldn't be be there is SO much to be thankful for . The baby seems healthy and vital and and growing right on track. The doctor is watching that the baby doesn't get to big because I am trying to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean ) delivery. I did this successful with my last baby and am hoping to be able to do it again. I much prefer the recovery of a regular birth versus the cesarean. It looks as though this baby may end up being one of my smallest ones unless it has a big growth spurt in the next couple of weeks. That would be just fine with me. I am just praying for a healthy child.
I am off to tackle my Mt. Washmore (read ridiculously large laundry pile) and if I am lucky sneak in a nap before it is time to start dinner.

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