Monday, November 19, 2007

The Wood Prince

Meet my little wood prince. I had so much fun creating this piece of art that I just had to try my hand at another one. This time I chose my son and I just didn't have the heart to turn him into a fairy. Someone commented at Scrapbook Graphics that he was a Wood Prince and I love that. He has a crown of leaves and a wheat sceptor. Credits for all of the goodies included in this can be found here along with a before and after picture.


Leigh said...

What can I say about this that would even do it's creativity justice! It is fantabulastic!

Cardee said...

GORGEOUS!!! It is ABSOLUTELY a work-of-art. Don't sell yourself short, I'm SURE you could easily make a quilt like I'm learning to do. I get so scared when it comes time to actually quilt them. I keep putting it off, but I've got to get brave and go for it. I'll keep you posted!