Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We got our first snow of the season here. It started to snow before we went to bed last night and the kids were SO excited! Patrick went to bed tellin me that "There's white stuff on the roof!" Patrick, Abi and Anna were awake first thing this morning ready to don their snow clothes and take a trek outside. As you can see here, Abi couldn't wait to get a good TASTE of it. They had so much fun and stayed outside unil they were freezing cold. Then I welcomed them inside to sip hot cocoa and warm up by the fire.

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Carla said...

AMAZING photos Trish especially the first one!

Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words on my blog. You put such a big smile on my face. A lot of people ask me about selling bags and purses, but I don't have the confidence in myself that I should. Yes-you CAN make the bag yourself. It wasn't very difficult. I put binding on the top for the first time with that bag, and it's not perfect, but not too bad either. I'm proud of myself for taking the challenge. You're very crafty and talented, and I'll help you in any way I can if you need some help on sewing any projects! Stay warm!