Sunday, July 01, 2007

How come I look so fat when I feel so like I am stretched so thin?

Yes, lately I have been feeling like life is kicking my butt. I have come to to sad realization that I can't do all that I am trying to do. The question is what do I prune from my life. I know what I really want to get rid of and I don't know if it is possible (no, I am not considering selling my kids on eBay ;-) Then there are things that I am truly passionate about that I have been unable to devote any time to. It makes me kinda sad. So, I am praying that God will show me the answer.

Amidst all of our busy-ness, there HAS been some fun, too. Note the photo of the "Happy Campers." We had the privilege of camping with our very dear friends. Our family has not been camping since we had only one child. Let's just say it was a little different this time! (That is our clan of seven on the left side of the photo) We found a quaint little rustic cabin in the woods right next to our friends AND a playground. We all had a blast! Makes me want to camp again!


Cardee said...

So glad you got a much needed get-away. We're going on our vacation in a few weeks. I'm looking forward to it! Great photo! Hang in there. We all want to do more then we do. Not enough time in a day I'm afraid!

Hummie said...

Great family photo! And I can identify with the stretched thin and appreciate you humor which made me giggle. Just keep praying!