Sunday, July 08, 2007

Little Lizard Chef - More Claymation

I hope you are not getting tired of the claymation. Anna created another video short this afternoon. This time it is about a little lizard who creates some tasty treats.


Carla said...

Hey Woman!

I'm giving away a purse to celebrate my two year blogaversary! It's posted on another crafty blog I started. I started this crafty one to "hide" all the baby shower stuff from my friend. LOL! My regular blog is still the main one, so check that like you usually do, K? Come play and post to have a chance to win the purse!

I watched the claymation. That is SO AWESOME! I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that!

Carla said...

I don't know why the link didn't work, but copy and paste it if you need to!

Carla said...

Hey It's me again! LOL!

Thanks for answering the questions on my blog! I just wanted to let you know that I answered them too, if you want to check them out. It's harder then I thought to think of some of them! Have a great day!