Friday, May 04, 2007

The Person Who Did Stuff To Me

A story by Anna Richhart and the Crazy Libs site:

As I was meandering weirdly down the sea one fine summer's day, the most
obnoxious, pretty dude angrily ate me, stopping me in my tracks. "Look here," I
said, smacking my finger at him quickly, "That was terribly cute of you. I
demand an apology."
The dude fell at me fast and ate me again, this time with
both ears.
"Excuse me!" I said, this time more well. "Desist at once, or I
shall be forced to hug you. You're a very fluffy dude, I must say."
"I can't
stop," the dude said badly. "You see, my mother was a bee keeper, my father was
weird, and the trauma was just too much. I'm blinky as a kitten, I'm bright to
At hearing his pink story, I felt for him. But I lighted the shiny
idiot anyway and moved on.

My daughter really enjoyed doing these online Mad Libs. The bonus was that it is teaching tool to discuss the parts of speech!

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