Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My name's in the paper!

Check out this article! It is actually a great piece about my good friend, Kim, but she was so sweet and mentioned my name:

"With the support of church members and the creative assistance of her good
friend, Trish Richhart, she came up with “Photos of Faith” in 2004."

Speaking of Photos of Faith...pray for me. Photos of Faith is a photography contest that our church sponsors where scripture is used for the theme. It is a wonderful opportunity to visually express your faith. I ask for prayer because once again I have taken on the task of scanning all of the wonderful entries and compiling a photo book and a video with them. It is a project I love BUT I have to do it in about one week's time. Please pray for peace in our home and me and for God to magnify the hours I have available to me.

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Cardee said...

You're so awesome. That's an amazing thing you're doing. Prayer already prayed. Hope all goes well.