Friday, February 17, 2006

Home Addition

I know that we just moved into our lovely new home a few months ago, but have now realized that we should add on. Crazy as it sounds, we decided that the house would be just perfect with the addition of 2 feet. Now, we aren't sure yet where those two feet should go. They will either be added to my son's room or the girls' room. We plan to make this addition sometime in September, and we will know then.

By the way, this is my secret. A secret my hubby and I have kept to ourselves for over three weeks. I thought I might bust! Ü

In case you are really thinking that I am crazy, look closely at the image and don't think in terms of linear feet, but instead...BABY feet. Yes, we are expecting!!! The family is excited and my girls are already thinking about baby names. As for me, I am thrilled but tired which is typical for me. Although during pregnancy, I deal with a fair amount of nausea, fortunately, I am usually spared excessive morning sickness, BUT I barely have the energy to get through the day. That is a trade off that I am more than willing to take!

Just to clarify, though, our actual house size is perfect! We will just get to take advantage of it better!


Carla said...


I hope you have a very uneventful pregnancy. Those are definitely the best kind.

momy4him said...

WOW!!! congratulations trish!!! this was great news to hear today!!