Tuesday, February 21, 2006

pregnancy calendar

Cool, huh?
Just keepin' it real. Actually, with the nausea and exhaustion, it feels pretty real to me. It probably doesn't help that I have a sinus infection on top of the pregnancy. Right now, I feel like I need about 3 times my normal amount of sleep. Perhaps, once my head has cleared up, I will only need about TWICE my normal rest!

Thankfully, I was awake early this morning. So, I heard the loud thud followed by crying when my 4 year old son, Patrick fell out of bed. (No, not his bunk bed. He had opted to sleep in the extra bed in the girls' room last night.) I went to console him and as my hand brushed the back of his head, I felt this giant goose egg. Well, giant may be an exaggerationn, but is was bigger than a quarter around and had to stick out at least 1/4". I couldn't believe how immediate that was! We got some ice for it and cuddled for quite a bit.
That was at about 6am. I will go check on him again very soon. I looked up head injuries at webMD and he didn't have any of the scary symptoms they listed, but I am going to watch him pretty close today. I just pray that God takes care of my little boys head!

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