Saturday, February 11, 2006

Been a Busy Bunny...

I lost my entire day yesterday cleaning and preparing an apartment for rental. What is frustrating about this is that I had already hired someone to do this for me. Obviously her concept of clean and mine are QUITE different. Needless to say, I won't be using her again. This was a rush job we were doing as a favor for a current tenant. Thankfully my FIL came to help me with some of the electrical work that is a bit over my head (because hubby couldn't get off work until 5pm). He ended up helping me immensely with the cleaning as well, and I am so grateful. The stove alone took him hours.
I ended up tackling and learning a new skill. Someone previously had been caulk happy in that bathroom and it was on every edge in HUGE wide streaks. Over time it had deteriorated and yellowed and even had mold under it in places. Ick! I spent hours scraping it all off with a razor blade and re-caulking. I also figured out how to repair tile grout, too. Hubby joined us after work and we all ended up finishing around 8pm (We had started at 11am). And it looked good!

Anyway, enough about that. Tomorrow my sweet little nephew Henry is getting baptized and Barry and I are going to stand up as his godparents. Henry is going to have the special distinction of being baptized with water from the Jordan River. My MIL just returned from a trip to the Holy Land and brought back a bottle of it. I think that's cool!

There's much to do today, but I thought I should check in and say hey!

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Carla said...

How horrible that you all had to spend the day cleaning AFTER someone cleaned it! Anyway, I'm glad you got it finished, and that you had lots of help. That's exciting about the baptism. Have a wonderful day!