Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Reading

Do you have a favorite book you like to read at Christmas?  We have a nice stack of Christmas picture books that we have collected over the years that we pull out and read during the holidays.  Last year I read A Christmas Carol out loud to the kids.  That is a good one, but a little over the heads of the younger children.  Last year we got the audio version of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  It is a really cute story and although it is written to younger audience, it has appeal even for adults with a great message about the transforming power of Jesus.  A friend mentioned that she reads this book every year because she loves it and I thought that it might be a great tradition to read it aloud in our home.  So, I made the investment in it (which is a big deal for me because I rarely by books but instead rely on the library).  So, far the younger kids are really enjoying it.  I hope to do a little each day and time it to finish just before Christmas.

So, do you have any Christmas book traditions in your home?

Here are a few of the Christmas books we have collected over the years:

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