Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I have been having fun with herbs lately. It all started several weeks ago when my tummy was feeling horrible. I was really craving some sort of soothing tea to drink to settle my stomach. I was just sure that there was some herbal tea that would do just the trick, but was ignorant as to what that was. So, I went to my best source for info, the internet. I remembered that the Pearl's daughter was into herbs and had a little online shop. It was easy enough to find and there was tons of great information there.

I was instantly sucked in. I did discover that chamomile is great for settling a stomach and I happened to have some chamomile tea in my pantry which did help. I also discovered so much more. For example, I have a weed growing in my yard called plantain. I would bet that most of you reading this have seen it around, too. This little weed is actually an herb that was brought to North America by European settlers. Native Americans called it "white man's foot" because its seeds were spread by feet and seemed to start showing up wherever the white man settled. This herb is a wonderful external pain reliever. (See examples of how it can be used) Using directions I found online, I made a salve out of it and we have been using it on sunburns, and cuts and scrapes. It is our green boo boo cream. Rachel thinks it is so cool to use because I let her do it herself, which is so important to a two year old. I can do this because I know everything that is in that salve and it is perfectly safe, even if she were to eat it.

Now, I am totally intrigued by the concept of herbs. As I learn more, I am discovering that there are many useful plants growing all over my property. I think it is just amazing that God has provided these helpful things all over, free for the taking. It just takes opening our eyes to SEE. I have been stepping on these weeds for years never realizing what a treasure had been placed right before me. I wonder how many other gifts from God are underfoot, but I am either too blind or ignorant to see. It makes you think.

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