Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Ol' Summertime

Well, a good old summertime cold has knocked me down recently. It has backed into my sinuses and ears and made me pretty miserable for over a week now. I was persuaded to finally call the doctor and discovered that I was even running a fever over 100 degrees. I had been so busy that I hadn't even checked it. I just kept taking ibuprofen so that I could keep going. Sadly, this has been a busy week that has not afforded me the time to get sick. The older girls and I all entered projects in the county 4-H fair that were all due last weekend. Along with that we had TWO family reunions to go to which meant extra food to fix. So, now I am equipped with an antibiotic and I am praying that it does the trick and I can get back to feeling myself. I am falling desperately behind on the house cleaning and laundry due to my lack of get-up-and-go.

As a side note, the garden is finally starting to flourish. It took a little longer because I got things in the ground nearly a month late. I went out Wednesday to harvest some basil and discovered 4 beautiful, red cherry tomatoes! The were wonderful. I also discovered Japanese Beatles on my basil. They were eating, mating, laying eggs and partying all over it. There had to be over a dozen on my one small plant. I was pretty irritated because I had been out looking at these plants just the day before and there weren't any. I didn't think bugs were fond of herbs either. Guess I was wrong there. I got a tin can and put a little gasoline in it and went to hand pick them off the plant and drown them. Crazy thing is, as soon as I got close, it was as if someone yelled "COPS!" and all of them dropped and scattered. I had to go chasing them through the dirt. I think I got them all. I am a wicked foe when I am mad and I was mad at those little buggers. Ick! Yesterday, I didn't see any back on any of the plants, but I am going to check again today. Then I removed all signs of them off the plant: all the half eaten leaves and leaves with eggs or poo (I am not sure which it was). I still ended up getting several nice bunches of basil that are currently drying in the basement.

One more mom took a really bad fall this week resulting in broken bones. Please pray for a speedy and relatively painless recovery for her. She is going to be off her feet for a while so my dad could use your prayers, too, because he will have to be taking care of her and all the other household chores that would normally fall to her.

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