Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motherhood, Christmas and Sniffles...Oh my!

Motherhood, Christmas and Sniffles...Oh my!
Lately my time and energy has been stretched. The tasks of mothering my children as well as carrying this soon to arrive little one, preparing for a mostly handmade Christmas, and wiping the inevitable running noses that have invaded our home have taken just about all that I have.

So, I have not posted to the blog in a bit. Even if I could find the time, I feel like I am lacking the mental capacity to compose a sensible post. My brain is full of to-do lists and projects, schoolwork and laundry, cooking and cleaning...all of the stuff that fill my days to capacity.

In my quiet time this morning I was reading from a wonderful blog that I have recently stumbled upon called Holy Experience which is written by a God-seeking mom of six. She has been blessed with the gift of prose and is able to write the deepest thoughts in such a beautiful way. I have thoroughly appreciated so many of her posts, perhaps because she and I reside in a similar place - not physically but emotionally and spiritually - seeking to serve God through this process of motherhood and life.

Today, I was reading an older post called Strange Disappearance of SAHMs which discussed the idea that even though we may choose to fore go the paying workforce and stay at home to raise and nurture our children we are not stay-at-home-moms. Instead we ARE workers, employed by GOD Himself, working in a sacred domain. I think this so important to keep in the forefront of our minds. Society tends to place little value on those that do not earn a monetary wage. We are JUST housewives or stay-at-home-moms. But there are many days when I think it would have been so much easier to join the workforce and have a career. The 9 to 5 workday sounds so much simpler than the chaos I struggle to bring order to each day. BUT, I don't think it would be near as rewarding. What could be more rewarding than to feel the warm breath and soft skin of a newborn sleeping at your breast. Or the sticky hands that gently caress your cheek and as the words, "I love you Mom." are uttered. Or seeing the fruit of your labors as your child makes responsible choices and seeks God of their own free will. I don't believe any amount of money could be worth more.

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