Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Re-Purposing Clothing Discards

Here is the ultimate in recycling. Take unwanted, bargain box, discarded clothing add a bit of creativity and create adorable outfits. That is what Amy Quarry does. I was so inspired by her blog and her shop. What first caught my eye were these "warmies" like the ones pictured here. I think they look especially cute under the dress. I have lots of little dresses for my little girls, but since we live in Indiana, it gets too cold in the winter to go bare legged and I struggle to find durable leggings that don't cost me a fortune. I am inspired to try and figure out how to create these for my own little girls from clothing we already own but no longer wear. This would be the ultimate in frugality, not to mention being "green."
There are also many other cute items that Amy has come up with. If you want to be inspired, check out this post along with her Etsy shop. She has created aprons, handbags, and dresses from used skirts. There are leggings, skirts, and hats created from one old sweater. So creative and inspired! Check her out!

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