Monday, September 22, 2008

Walgreens & CVS Deals

I just thought I would post how I did saving money at Walgreens and CVS last week.

I didn't do quite at well as I did the time before, but I bought a lot more, including diapers which are a high dollar item even with a deal.

$163.10 Total before any savings

-5.65 WAG coupons (from Walgreen's weekly ad)
-16.50 Register Rebates earned from last visit
-24.72 MFG coupons
-44.20 WAG sales

$72.03 Total (that I paid) 56% Savings
-4.00 RR earned this visit
-25.97 ESR (Easy Saver Rebates earned)
-2.60 Bonus 10% rebate for putting on gift card



(76% savings)


$93.41 Total before sales

-17.11 CVS sales
-24.99 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) from previous visit
-14.79 MFG Coupons

$36.52 Total (that I paid) 61% Savings

-11.99 ECB earned


(74% Savings)

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