Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st Dentist Visit

I had to take my littlest one to the dentist today. About a month ago I noticed that one of her teeth was turning gray. I can only assume that she bumped it. I called our pediatric dentist and they thought he should take a look at her. So, Rachel has the honor of being the youngest member of the family to go to the dentist.
Her tooth is in good shape, but it is discolored enough that the dentist thinks she has about a 50% chance it will "die" and need to be removed. We see him in a couple of months again and need to watch it.
Rachel's strong-willed personality reared its ugly head and she was NOT cooperative about having someone poke around her mouth. It took 2 nurses and me to hold her while the dentist checked what he needed to. Thank goodness, it didn't even phase him a bit when she kicked and screamed and he was very fast. A princess sticker and a Dora toothbrush seemed to make it all better. You can see her in this scrapbook page showing the toothbrush off to her brother. Her big sister, Abi, is quite jealous and demanded to know when she would get HER Dora toothbrush.
Credits for the page and the journaling can be found here.

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