Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flashback: 1983

I was telling my kids, well my two older girls, about my "schoolbus song." There is one song that everytime I hear it I flashback to riding the schoolbus during the winter of my freshman year of high school. I can see the black rubber flooring covered in slush, the straight-backed bench seats and the bus driver's boombox strapped onto the center console at the front. I don't remember our bus driver as especially nice, but she was cool in the fact that she didn't subject us to the bus' staticky AM radio, but instead brought her own boombox and tuned it to the popular FM station.

This is the song that takes me there:

Ahhhhh....YES 90125. I loved that album. Owner of a Lonely Heart was not especially my favorite and I don't recall every watching this somewhat strange video. (As I recall that's what music videos were back in the day - strange.) My favorite song was "Leave It." LOVE that song. I don't recall this video either. I guess I really wasn't into the MTV thing. But this video is kinda fun - especially when you remember that this was the early eighties technology that produced it.

I found the "Leave It" video here which lead me to the other. Thanks Taking Me Back for the fun flashback!

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Carla said...

Fun to look back at the eighties. Yes I was there. LOL~ I tried that world cities game and I'm HORRIBLE at it, but I'm going to play to get better, and I think I'll plunk it on my blog too! TFS! The baby is here. Check out my blog!