Friday, June 15, 2007

Photos of Faith and back online

Well, I am back online on my own computer. Hopefully, I am back and running for good now. I had to replace my hard drive and I am starting from scratch which means I have to reload everything.

Lots of other thing have been happening, too, but I will just share this one thing. My girls and I made the paper: The paper messed up and put Anna's photo in, but used the description for Elizabeth's. It's kinda cool though!

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Cardee said...

Hey Trish!

I was so shocked to see your "plain" little blog! I'm so used to your gorgeous layouts! It's such a bummer when your computer crashes! In no time, it will be filled with your beautiful photos. I LOVE the photos you and your family took for the paper. CONGRATS!!! You're all amazingly talented. I just uploaded some photos onto my blog that I'm pretty happy with. Stop by and say hi!