Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby Milestones

I am back with a photo! I got Photoshop reinstalled on my new hard drive and have updated my Camera Raw software so that I can now process my photos. This is good because my memory card was full!
I am sharing a photo of my baby girl again. She is just a week shy of being 9 months old and has been passing some baby milestones. Just this afternoon, I went to get her up from her nap and she was STANDING in her crib. Actually she was hanging onto the crib rail for dear life. I think she got herself up and couldn't figure out how to get back down which would explain why she was screaming. She has been trying to pull up quite a bit lately, but she generally only makes it up to her knees. This was the first time I have ever caught her standing in her crib like this. Another milestone she has conquered is eating Cheerios all BY HERSELF. Just last week she was struggling. She would manage to grab a Cheerio in her chubby fist and take her hand to her mouth but could not figure out how to get the silly thing actually into her mouth. It was hilarious to watch. Today she was picking them up perfectly between her thumb and index finger and depositing them into her mouth like a pro. Oh - my little girl is growing up! This photo is from our camping trip last week. She loved nibbling on an actual apple. By the way...her hands are NOT that big - teehee. I laugh every time I see this. That is actually Daddy's hand.

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