Thursday, February 22, 2007

My baby girl... getting BIG! This has been a big week for her. On Valentine's day she officially rolled over for the first time! Now if I could just catch her on film doing that! I had put her down on the living room carpet on her back while I was working in the kitchen. Elizabeth asked me if I had put her on her tummy. Sure enough - there she was on her belly. Now, she hasn't figured out how to roll back over onto her back, but I am sure that will happen soon enough. A couple of times since then I have gone to get her out of bed and she has been on her tummy. She is also getting pretty good at grabbing things and holding onto them. Right now she is in the exersaucer and just LOVES looking at herself in the little mirror on it. It is SO cute! My baby is growing up so fast. I guess it should be expected, she will officially be 5 months old on Monday.

Here is a photo of her from a couple of weeks ago. Here again she was looking at herself in the mirror while I was holding her. I had the camera in hand and snapped a couple of shots of her. I used one of Doris Castle's new flexi-pages to complete this page. LOVE THESE! What a clever idea! The base of the page is done and you can place your photos anywhere. Here I just used one photo and framed it with one of Doris' photolifts. Then this page comes with a predesigned grouping of elements to place on top. In this case it was the tape measure ribbon and flowers. What an easy way to make a page! I am hoping Doris makes a bunch more of these because lately I have been needing some no-brainer projects!

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