Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is it actually Wednesday?

Where is my week disappearing to? I have a scrapbook kit that I have been working on for nearly 2 months. TWO MONTHS! I must be the most inefficient designer ever! It is called Winter Retreat and I am hoping that I can get it into my store this week. The layout here was done with it. The photo is of my 5 year old son take last Friday. He and his big sister, Anna had decided to go outside to play in the snow. The sun was out and it looked warm enough from inside the house, but boy was it cold. He was back inside in less than 5 minutes to warm back up. He must have come back inside 5 or 6 times within a 20 minute period. I snapped this picture at the door during one of those times.

In other news....YAY COLTS!
This is a first for me. Sunday marks the day I watched my first football game on TV. Yeah, I'm such a sports nut...NOT! But I really enjoyed the game Sunday, especially being the Hoosier that I am. Did you hear what the Colts coach said when he was congratulated for being the first African-American coach to win the Superbowl? He said he was more proud of the fact the he was a CHRISTIAN coach who won the Superbowl. How cool is that!

I need to go and get all the kids ready to go out the door. My oldest, Elizabeth, has an orthodontist appointment. It's a big day because today THE BRACES ARE COMING OFF. She is very excited.

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