Thursday, May 19, 2005

Summer Fun

Anna has finally figured out how to climb our tree and she is SO happy about it.

Journaling reads:After years of watching her big sister climb the Norway Maple tree in our backyard, Anna finally figured out a way to get herself up there, too. Although she is still not quite tall enough to reach the branches, she has adapted and came up with her own method. She uses the Step Two toddler side which puts her right where she wants to be - in the tree instead of watching from the ground. Big sister, Elizabeth is sad to lose her privacy up in the tree, but she has had a couple of good years to herself up there. Anna is quite pleased with her accomplishment. 5-16-05

This photo was really dark and I corrected it in Photoshop and then I duplicated it and used the Virtual Painter-Pastel plug-in on it. I changed the blend mode to lighten and got these fun bright summer colors which were perfect with Doris Castle's Summer Fun quick page. This was a totally fun, quick and easy page to create!

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