Monday, May 09, 2005

Stylish Boy

My son...good thing he's cute 'cause he usually isn't very well kept looking lately. Here's is a good example. Shoot most days he's wearing a bit more dirt than this and has a few more bruises on his shins. In spight of all this, I think heis just the cutest thing! The descriptive little signs above read:
Charming Smile
You always have the perfect accessory to any look: your charming wided-mouthed smile. Accented by your baby-blue eyes, you are always in style!
Reversed Shorts
You have dealt with that new challenge of dressing yourself brought on by potty-training with finesse and ignored tradition by wearing your shorts backwards.
Mis-Matched Shoes
You compensate for your trouble keeping track of your shoes well by always making sure you know where a right is and a left shoe is at all times, even though they may not be exactly the same.

To create this scrapbook layout, I used some fun little goodies (doo-dads) from my friend, Mo. I used a combination of elements from Mo's Cottage set (little wood signs, wood texture on the title, and the "S" and "B" are from the adorable alpha) and her new Michael set (Alpha used for "Patrick," rusty nails, and the grass and dirt backgrounds).Posted by Hello

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