Friday, June 25, 2004


This week and next the girls are taking daily swim lessons at the New Haven pool. It is a smaller pool than others we could have chosen for lessons, but it is less crowded and set in a lovely small park with shady grass, a playground and even a staffed craft shack where the kids can spend change to do fun little craft projects right there in the park. They love it and I love that the mess remains there. While Elizabeth and Anna are taking their lessons, I spread a blanket under a shady tree in a spot where I can watch them as well as Patrick on the playground. Abigail is content to sit on the blanket with me, chewing on toys while a do a bit of reading. The weather has been ideal and this has been SO pleasant!

Yesterday, I decided to pack a picnic lunch for us to eat after the girls' lessons. We hung out in the park for a little over an hour eating, doing crafts and playing until the pool opened for regular swimming. Then we ALL went swimming! This was Abigail's very first time in a pool. I thought she was going to go to sleep sitting in her carseat, but she perked up and she joined Patrick and I in the kiddie pool while the girls enjoyed swimming and going down the slide in the big one. At one point I even took Patrick and Abigail into the big pool, as well. In the water, they are as light as a feather and I could easily carry them both. The water was warm and pleasant and all of us really enjoyed it. At one point Elizabeth took Patrick and played with him and I could use two hands to play with Abi in the water. She laughed and giggled and was so cute! We returned to the kiddie pool where Patrick informed me that he was swimming like a fish (a shark to be exact!) and Abigail fell asleep in the water on my lap. (So sweet!)

I don't know where my brain was, but I left the diaper bag with the camera in the car and didn't get any pictures. So I guess I shall document this event like this. On Thursday, June 24, 2004 Abigail took her first big pool swim. She, along with her Mama and siblings had a great time. (Except for some nasty sunburn on the girls. Yes, they were slathered in sunscreen! But we don't want to bring that up or they may start the complaints again.)

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