Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A day in my life - Tuesday

I have to motivate the children to do their morning chores and eat breakfast before it is time for swim lessons for the girls. Swim lessons will be going on every weekday for the next two weeks. They love it! Patrick, Abigail, and I take a big blanket to sit on and hang out at the playground just outside the pool. If the kids are well behaved, I may just get some desired reading done.

Next we will be running to the apartments at Mourey to drop off an apartment application to a tenant who's son is interested in our open apartment, check out how well said open apartment was painted and cleaned by our new cleaning/painting service and retrieve the bill.

This afternoon we are planning on getting together with two other 4-H families to practice making muffins which is what Elizabeth has to do for Foods since she is in the 4th grade. They are all considering me the "expert" since I remember doing this myself in 4-H when I was a girl. (Scary!) Grammy and Gramps have graciously volunteered to watch the younger children. Yea!

This evening we will be missing Barry. He has to travel to St. Louis to visit a church for work. It's too bad the family couldn't tag along for this trip and visit our family there as well. :( Fortunately, it is not a long trip and he will return to us tomorrow. Perhaps, I can get some digi-scrapbooking done this evening after the children are all in bed. (He gets jealous of my computer time when he is home.)

Enough rambling....time to get to work!

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