Monday, June 28, 2004

LumaPix FotoFusion

LumaPix FotoFusion - Share your digital photos by email!

I am so excited! I actually won a contest! I don't generally find I win things very often, but I entered a FotoFusion scrapbook layout and tutorial contest. FotoFusion is fun little program that I am loving more and more to complete some great looking scrapbook pages. So I created a layout using the program and wrote a tutorial as to how I did it. (Actually I created 2). One of my entries won FIRST PLACE! I got some fun little graphics goodies and will be featured on the Lumapix website for 30 days (see link above). They asked if I could sent them a brief statement on why I like FotoFusion. I thought I would write it here:

Originally I purchased FotoFusion because I love how easy it is to use to create a scrapbook layout that includes many pictures on one page. I love how simple it is to just select pictures and hit "Auto Collage" and the page is practically done. As a mother of 4 young children, I have an abundance of pictures but not an abundance of time and FotoFusion allows me to quickly document events in my scrapbook attractively. To my surprise, the more I use this program, I keep discovering some really cool techniques that can be done very easily and quickly in FotoFusion that would be much more time consuming to do otherwise. One example of this my tinted mosaic layout.

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