Saturday, October 30, 2010

POIIs...Points of Internet Interest

My little explorers during a recent geocaching expedition
Here are some interesting sites that I have stumbled upon lately during my internet explorations...

How to Make a Skirt From Men's Ties | - Last Spring I noticed one of the other moms in our 4-H group wearing one of these awesome skirts.  Since I have an affection for upcycled clothing, I was intrigued.  I just stumbled upon this tutorial to make your own.

49 Creative Reuse Ideas That Will Inspire & Surprise You Roundup | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest  - A page full of links to various sites with ideas for reusing all kinds of household items.  I love to read through the creative ideas.  I suppose that is a sign of a true packrat, huh? 

Sally's Kitchen: Rice Cooker spaghetti recipe - In my ongoing quest to creatively use my rice cooker, here's another recipe I discovered.

Maps - Old Testament Bible Maps by Generation Word - Here is one for my bible study buddies.  This site has relevant maps that correspond to nearly every chapter in the bible.  Very helpful!

Pick Up the Pen - Learn to Write! - This site has a bunch of links to help teach the alphabet, penmanship for both printing and cursive.  There are many printables, too.

Enjoy your weekend!



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Mark said...

And you can do all of these things from your new house! I actually clicked through here from your old house building blog. I love what you built, though I was confused by one post that said you were "replacing" a house. I didn't see any demolition photos. We're in process of building right now, but we had to demolish the existing house first.