Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Inspiration

The kids and I just pages through the book "America Wide: In God We Trust" which is full of panographs (panoramic photos) by Ken Duncan. The photography is beautiful and gives you a wonderful yet brief tour of the various terrain across our country. I have to say what inspired me most in this book was in the section at the back of the book called "Photographer's Notes." Because I love taking photos myself, I really enjoyed his tips, especially this one,
"I believe there is a force at work much bigger than you or I. The
key is to tap into the Creator's power rather than your own technical
understanding, which by comparison is very limited. This is a hard pill
for many to swallow (especially'techno-heads') because people love to be in
control. Personally, I would rather be out of control. I'm just an
average photographer with a great God.
I have definitely not perfected this area of
reliquishing control, but I'm working on it. It's exciting! How
small we are and how big He is."

Wow! Couldn't that be said for many areas of life - not just photography? For example, when people find out that I have 5 kids, I often get the "So, how do you do it?" question. Many are very serious and wait expectantly for some profound wisdom to come from my mouth. Frankly, I don't have any. To be honest, some days I have no idea how I mother 5 kids and do all the things that I do. I suppose that I am just an average woman with a great God.

I found this on Ken's website: Enter the Sanctuary

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