Saturday, August 04, 2007

Life = Busy

Busy = Lack of posting
Well, I just wrapped up a big graphics project that I did for the Grand Indiana Auto Tour which included creating over 50 unique, custom license plates for its participants and some various other labels. They came out great and as a perk, I got to create a license plate for myself. Now the others included an extracted photo of the participant's historic car with the Fort Wayne city skyline in the background. I didn't really want to see my big ol' Chevy Express van flying over Fort Wayne, so I just designed my own thing. Ever since we got our big van to take the place of our minivan, we have been calling it "The Bus." Probably because our friends keep telling us we are gonna need a bus to haul around all of our children pretty soon. So here is my caricature of our Bus. Each family member is represented, although poor baby Rachel is NOT buckled properly in her carseat.
Now that that project is done, I am on to my next one: laundry. A couple of weeks ago our house was struck by lightning. It happened at midnight and was QUITE an awakening! We had some structural damage and many electronics in our house were fried including my washing machine. It is a Kenmore and I called Sears but they were not really fast about getting here and then they informed me that they would have to order a part with could take 2 weeks to come in. Thankfully, my in-laws said I could come next door and use theirs. I did about 6 loads to hold us out. Now mine is fixed and I need to play catch-up. Yikes! A household of seven generates a LOT of laundry! But......
So I have a lot to be thankful for!
Have a great Saturday!

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