Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Been scrappin'

I felt driven to get a little scrappin' done the other day. I figure that when the mood strikes, I really need to take advantage of it. Here are two layouts I completed.

The top one is of my precious bundle Rachel. Credits can be found here.

The second layout is from my daughter's 13th birthday. It is tradition in our house that you get breakfast in bed on your birthday. This is a pretty busy page - busier than I have normally been creating lately, but I like all the little details that you need to look closely to see. Credits for this one can be found here.

Have you noticed the something different about my layouts? They have turned square! After YEARS of being a rectangle girl, I have decided to try being square. I stuck with the 8 1/2" x 11" format all this time to keep my printing costs down. Now, there are more options available for printing square layouts, so I thought I would make the switch and see how I like it.

I spent most of the day today uploading layouts and creating a photo book at www.lulu.com. I knew that I was LONG overdue to print my layouts, but I didn't realized just how bad it was. I have nearly 3 YEARS of pages! My new book will be 236 pages long. I am so excited with the thought of having these in printed form and having something concrete for my kids to enjoy. This book will be a paperback book and is very economical - only 15 cents per page to print. Next time, I think I may splurge and print a hardcover book, but since I have so many to get printed right now, there was no way that I could afford to do that now.

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Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Oh that birthday kit you used in the birthday LO is pretty! Beautiful LO's!!!!! :)