Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Yes I realize that Christmas day was two days ago, but I still consider this time "Christmas." Technically it is still during the 12 days of Christmas and I actually find this time more peaceful than that hub-bub and busy-ness of the Advent season. It is a time to reflect and take stock in life's blessings.

I decided to give myself a few minutes to surf the web this afternoon while there was a moment of quiet in the house and came across this wonderful essay on Stacy Julian's blog titled "One Solitary Life."

He was born in an obscure village
The child of a peasant woman,
He grew up in another obscure village
Where he worked in a carpenter shop
Until he was thirty.

He never wrote a book,
He never held an office,
He never went to college,
or owned a house.
He never visited a big city,
In fact, he never travelled more than
two hundred miles from the place where he was born.
He did none of the things
Usually associated with greatness;
He had no credentials but himself.

He was only thirty three when the
Tide of public opinion turned against him.

His friends ran away
One of them even denied him.
He was turned over to his enemies,
And went through the mockery of a trial.
He was nailed to a cross between two thieves.
While dying, his executioners gambled for his clothing,
The only property he had on earth.

When he was dead
He was laid in a borrowed grave
Through the pity of a friend.

Nineteen centuries have come and gone;
And today he is still the central figure of the human race,
and our perfect example in all things.
All the armies that have ever marched,
All the navies that have ever sailed,
All the parliaments that have ever sat,
All the kings that ever reigned, put together,
Have not affected the life of man on this earth
As much as this
one solitary life.

Loved this and had to post it if nothing more than just for myself so that I could easily find it to read it again.

Hope Christmas has been a special time for everyone else - a time to remember that no matter who we are, we have been blessed beyond measure!

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